What Dirt Bike Protective Gear to Buy First

As a new dirt bike rider, the task of buying gear can seem overwhelming. It’s important to be well-protected, especially when you are not very familiar with your bike, so there is a variety of gear you will want to look into.

Helmet and Goggles

A helmet is the single most important piece of protective gear for dirt bike riders. You will not want to skimp on your helmet, so budget for something high quality and new. You can purchase a lot of equipment used, but you can’t always tell if a helmet is damaged from traumas like accidents and being dropped. Make sure that the helmet is SNELL approved, and DOT approved if you are planning on riding on roads as well.

Goggles are also important as they will keep your eyes safe, as well as protect from the irritation of dust. It is important to get well-fitted goggles, and certain goggles will even allow for riders to wear prescription glasses underneath. If you are riding in muddy or rainy conditions, you will want tear-off or roll-off goggles so that you can quickly clear your vision.


Having good dirt bike riding boots is also imperative for safe riding. Your boots will provide support and protection for your ankles and feet, will help prevent a variety of injuries, and ensure that you always have complete control over your bike. Riding boots should be rigid and relatively tight, however they shouldn’t be uncomfortable or crush your feet.

Riding Pants and Jersey

For maximum protection, it is a good idea to get dirt bike pants and a jersey. Riding-specific clothes are designed to be functional and enhance safety including preventing cuts and burns, and to a small extent protecting from impacts. Riding clothes are available in men’s and women’s styles, and it is important to get gear that is properly fitted.

Extra Protection Gear

There is all sorts of extra protection available for dirt bike riders, and especially if you are a novice rider it may be a good idea to bundle up as safe as possible until you are familiar with your bike and a variety of terrains. Chest protectors, knee pads, elbow pads, and knee braces are all ways to make sure that you are riding safe.

Chest protectors can help not only against the impact of a crash, but they can also protect you from flying rocks stirred up by your bike. Knee braces are also exceptionally practical and will help prevent breaks and damage to your knees.

It is vital that you wear the proper gear as you begin riding dirt bikes. If you look at professionals and experienced riders, you’ll see that they too are covered from head to toe in protective gear. Make sure that there is room in your budget for everything you need to ride safely so that you can enjoy dirt bike riding long into the future without injury.

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