How to Whip a Dirt Bike

Once you are a proficient dirt bike rider, it’s time to begin learning ways to ride better and faster, and look cool while you’re at it. Whipping your dirt bike isn’t only a trick that will look neat, but it can also help keep you lower over jumps and reduce lap time.

Practice the Movements

First you will need to find a good place to practice, with a relatively large jump. Start slowly by practicing turning your wheel when you are in the air. This will help you get comfortable with the fundamental movement. Make sure that you keep your body loose, and that you don’t tense up in the air.

When you whip your dirt bike, you are taking the jump at an angle as opposed to straight on. Practice coming up to the face of the jump at an angle, almost as though you are drawing a crescent with your wheels. You will want to hit the gas and accelerate at a steady pace up the ramp.

Turn the Bike

As you are leaving the face of the jump, push against the side of the bike with the inside of your leg. You will be pushing with the same leg as the direction you are turning (right leg push turns right, left leg push turns left).

Flatten it Out

When you are at the midpoint of the jump in the air, push your handlebars towards the outside, which will point it up towards the sky. This should help to flatten out your bike midair.

Straighten Up

As you descend back down, you will need to straighten your dirt bike back out. To do this, straighten the handlebars, and stop pushing with your leg. Transfer your weight back to your other side, and push the frame of the bike until the body straightens out. Ideally you will land completely straight, but it may take considerable practice to get it down perfectly.

Begin slowly, getting accustomed first to riding, then to jumping, and then to turning your wheel as you jump. The more comfortable you are, the easier it will be when you begin whipping your bike, and you will reduce the chance of wrecking.

It may take you a while to get used to whipping your dirt bike, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t immediately master this trick. The benefit will be evident when you begin to shave off stubborn seconds from your lap time.

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