Learn to Wheelie a Dirt Bike (How to Wheelie)

One of the greatest joys of dirt biking is learning the basics of tricking. If you are a new rider, it’s important that you master the basics of riding before you ever attempt any tricks. Once you feel like you’re ready to learn new things, keep your safety as a priority and work slowly towards your goals.

When you are riding around as usual, you will have a different reaction to your front wheel lifting than you will need when you are trying to wheelie. Instead of shifting your weight forward to rest the bike back to the ground, you will need to position yourself at the very back of your seat. This will not only keep the front of your bike light, but it will also help you keep your feet in the proper riding position.

You will need to put thought into what kind of surroundings you want to practice in. Make sure you have enough room to ride without obstructions to worry about, and make sure that you are on a stretch of flat ground. Thick grass can be a good place to practice because it will reduce impact if you fall, or you can practice on pavement.

Here are a few steps to help get you started:

  1. Ride for a few minutes to warm up your bike and get used to riding.
  2. Learn to pop the front wheel. You can do this at a near standstill or as you are riding forward at a moderate pace. Give it a burst of throttle and clutch to get the front wheel up. As you pull the clutch and release the throttle, your front wheel will reach back down to the ground. Practicing popping the wheel just for a moment when you are moving very slowly will teach you how much throttle and clutch you need to get the front wheel up, and will get you accustomed to the feeling without panic.
  3. Learn to use the rear brake as you are practicing popping the front wheel. This will reduce the instinct to drop your feet behind the bike if you pull the wheel up too high.
  4. Find the balance with clutch and throttle to keep the front wheel off the ground as you are moving forward at a slow speed. This will also take a lot of concentration of the balance of your body position as well.
  5. As you practice, you will be able to increase the duration of your wheelie, as well as the speed at which you can comfortably perform it.

When it comes to dirt bike tricks it’s important not to dive into the deep end too quickly. Practice until you are truly comfortable with the movement before you show off at full speed and power. If your in the market for some parts check out the bone cheap, tasty parts at Cannibal Cycle to modify your bike today.

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