10 Reasons Motocross is Better than Soccer

Motocross VS Soccer. Which is better? Well, there are some die-hard soccer fans who will tell you that soccer is so much better. But, most of them have no idea about the great benefits of motocross. So, let’s examine 10 reasons why motocross is better than soccer, and see how you feel then.

10 Reasons to Put Down the Soccer Ball for a Motorcycle

  1. Weather Not an Issue – Rain can bring a soccer game to a halt. However, motocross events go on come rain or shine. As a matter of fact, they’re even more exciting when the dust turns to mud.
  2. Builds Better Street Cred – You get far less pretty girls pining over you in your soccer gear than you do riding your motorcycle. From Steve McQueen to Travis Pastrana and Mike Metzger, motocross racing has always been considered a cool sport.
  3. Promotional Ladies – Where there’s motorcycle racing, there are gorgeous women around to promote the sport. Does soccer have that?
  4. Big Whips and Jumps – Yes, there are some great kicks in the game of soccer. But, they’re nowhere near as exciting as the big whips and amazing jumps of motocross. From the days of Evel Knievel, up to today, motorcycle jumps have captured crowds.
  5. No Annoying Referees – Soccer refs, just like any other ref-regulated sport, tend to make some pretty goofball calls. Motocross fans don’t have to deal with such annoying calls that take away from the fairness and excitement of the sport.
  6. More Impressive Scars – After a soccer game, players come out with a few skinned elbows and scratches here and there. Riding a motorcycle, however, can mean some awesome falls and serious scars. Girls go wild over these macho-looking scars, which are quite impressive to the boys.
  7. Not a Seasonal Sport – That’s right. There’s no specific season set-aside for the sport of motocross. You can ride your motorcycle all year long. And, you can always find a motocross event going on any time of the year. Can’t say the same about soccer, can you?
  8. Equipment Much More Awesome – Ever seem an awesome soccer jersey? Yea, there are some amazing colors, even pretty cool customized graphics. But, can you put a custom pain job on your soccer cleats or your uniform? Motocross sports, on the other hand, have some truly artistic folks who lend their skills to the sport. Troy Lee and Tagger are just two of the resourceful characters who create killer graphics, eye candy and customized helmets that capture the attention of everyone involved in motocross.
  9. No Fake Diving – Why do soccer players feel the need to dive all the time? There are even die-hard soccer fans who ask this question. Many soccer players get out on the field, diving to the ground pretending to be hurt. They even do it in order to get fouled so they can get a call. There are no fake dives in motocross. If you fall off your motorcycle, it’s definitely not on purpose.
  10. The “Need for Speed” Satisfied – The top speed recorded for professional soccer pitches is what… maybe 20 mph? Well, motorcycles moves as much faster speeds than that. You can click 5th as you courageously lean from the back of your bike. What an exhilarating feeling!

Although soccer is a cool sport, it simply doesn’t cut it when you’re looking for speed, tricks and thrills. Soccer can’t compare to the excitement of the motocross sport. And, you can modify your motorcycle to be even faster, stronger and louder, something you can’t do with a soccer ball. Check out the bone cheap, tasty parts at Cannibal Cycle to modify your bike today.

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