Dirt Bike Riding Tips: Cornering Like A Pro Dirt Biker

As you first learn to ride a dirt bike you will have to learn the art of cornering. There are basic techniques just to get you by as a functional rider, and more advanced techniques that will help you maintain speed throughout the course and look good while doing it.

Body Position

Body position is incredibly important no matter what types of you are attacking, and how you decide to go about it. You want to make sure that you are not over-anticipating the turn, as this can throw you off. Entering into the corner make sure you are on the balls of your feet, back angled slightly forward, and your knees tightly gripping the bike.

Basic Cornering

As you start out, take corners slowly and focus on proper riding technique above all else. The first things you need to do when approaching a corner are to pick an entry line into the turn, and to look at where you want to go. On some turns you will want to go wider while on others you will want to stay narrow to the corner. You also must watch for any sort of obstacle in your way. Keeping your gaze where you want to go will help you to steer and navigate your bike more efficiently.

If you are going to take the corner seated, you will want to ease onto the break before the corner, and as the curve begins you will want to put your weight to the front of the bike. You may want to raise and push out your inside leg so that your heel doesn’t hit the ground. Coming out of the turn make sure that you are in the proper gear for smooth acceleration.

Standing Cornering

Cornering while standing is slightly more advanced. It is essentially the same as seated cornering, but instead of lifting your inside foot you lean the weight of your body into the inside foot peg. You can actually steer the bike primarily with the weight of your lower body, without moving the handlebars at all.

Standing cornering is especially useful in technical courses and terrains. Once you are used to each of these turning methods, you can also begin to increase your speed through the turn.

There are a wide variety of other cornering techniques, but it is important to master the basics first. Later on you will learn the differences between enduro and motocross style cornering, sharp corners, berms, and off-camber corners. You will notice a huge improvement in your abilities as you perfect seated and standing cornering, and over time you will be able to take them at increased speeds and add new techniques.

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