5 Parts You Should Expect To Repair in Enduro Racing


Enduro racing is a thrilling and rewarding sport. If you’re considering taking up enduro, you’re probably already familiar with dirt bike and motorcycle riding, but be prepared. Enduro takes a whole different level of dedication. Here are 5 parts that you will surely need to repair or replace if you do enduro racing:

Tires & Wheels

Even if you only ride once or twice a season you’ll eventually need new tires, but when you start doing enduro, you’ll go through them a lot faster. This is because you are riding more frequently and also because you are tackling harder terrain.


Especially if you are coming from road racing or track riding, you will feel like you’re blasting through filters. Be sure to clean or replace air filters after every weekend you ride. Change your oil for every three hours of riding. This will help preserve your engine by keeping it free of dirt and debris. You’ll be able to ride longer without major repairs.

Chain & Sprocket

Don’t be surprised when your chain starts wearing out. Enduro racing takes a toll on your bike because you will be navigating a lot of rough bumps and tight curves.

Clutch Cable

Breaking your clutch cable is a rare occurrence when you ride on the street, but is more common in enduro. Be proactive and change your clutch cable as soon as it shows signs of wear.


Like with your clutch cable, keep a close eye on your brake pads (and entire brake system) when you do enduro racing. Replace the pads when they become less responsive or show signs of wear.

Enduro racing is well worth it. Just be smart about keeping your bike in immaculate shape. Keep on top of preventative maintenance, especially with simple fixes like oil, air filters, tires, and brake pads.

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