How to Buy a Used Dirt Bike

A used dirt bike is a great choice whether it is your first bike or you are just trying to get more bang for your buck. Before you ever go to a dealership or look at a bike from an independent seller, you should have a very good idea of what type and condition of bike you want.

cannibalcyclebannerKnow What You’re Looking For

There are a variety of types of dirt bikes you may be interested– from different brands, to whether it’s a two- or four-stroke. When buying a used bike it’s typically best to purchase a race bike as opposed to a bike that has been used on trails. Race bikes are immaculately maintained, whereas trail bikes are used in harsher conditions, and maintenance isn’t usually as regular.

You also need to set a budget. Especially if you are buying from an independent seller, you may or may not be able to haggle the price. Do not allow the seller to push your budget. If you find something you like but the price isn’t right, keep looking.

Know the Condition of the Bike

When you are buying used, you will need to do a thorough inspection of the dirt bike to make sure that it is in good, running order, and that it has been well-maintained. If at first glance it does not look clean, it’s probably best to walk away. Check to make sure the brake system, oil, and air filters look clean as well. The tires should be in good condition with minimal wear.

Make sure that the bike is cold when you get there. Unless you are planning on doing substantial maintenance, it should start within the first few kicks. Once running, you should not hear any wheezing, knocking, or abnormal rumbling sounds. The brakes should feel sensitive to the touch, and you should check the brake rotors for thickness. Be sure to check the condition of the underside of the bike as well as the frame may be dented or show wear.

Other Questions to Ask the Seller:

  • Why are you selling it?
  • What sort of oil has been used?
  • Are you the only owner?
  • Has it been rebuilt?
  • What kind of major maintenance has been done? (ask for receipts for maintenance or parts)
  • Maintenance/tune-up schedule

It is smart to write down a list of questions before visiting a seller, and writing down the different mechanical aspects you want to check so you don’t forget anyhting important. Buying a dirt bike used is a great way to save money, and going in with a plan will help you get a high-quality bike that will last you for years with minimal maintenance.

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