Dirt Bike Review KTM 125 SX


Nowadays manufacturers are beginning to spend less and less attention and effort on two stroke dirt bikes, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find new two strokes. KTM is an exception to this, continuing to develop and release new two stroke motocross bikes. Riders are finding a renewed interest in this engine type, putting the KTM 125 SX ahead of the game.

A close relative of the newer KTM 250 SX-F, the KTM 125 SX it has similar specs but runs on a smaller, two-stroke engine as opposed to a four-stroke, and has slightly better rear wheel travel among other things. This bike weighs in right at 200lbs, making it the perfect lightweight racing bike.

The KTM 125 SX has a contactless controlled fully electronic ignition with digital ignition adjustment. The frame is made of chrome molybdenum steel tubing, allowing for such a light overall weight.


The KTM 125 SX provides a different type of power than a bigger, four stroke dirt bike. At such a light weight its 124cc engine and 6 gear transmission give it more than enough speed to handle any track or off-road trail. With more than enough torque for its size and a great weight-to-power ratio, this dirt bike will keep up with most rivaling 250cc bikes.

Test Ride

A 124cc engine may seem small, but the KTM 125 SX definitely has unmatched power in its class. It is zippy and easy to direct, and is perfect for junior riders or anyone who is looking to have fun at the tracks. As a two stroke it requires slightly more skill to ride, but in the proper gear it will tackle steep hills and easily make every jump, and plenty of wheel travel means no bottoming out.

With a slightly higher seat than usual at 39.1”, our test riders found this bike comfortable and easy to handle. The KTM 125 SX will go anywhere you direct it, and takes turns like a true champ. The combination of the ultra light weight and sensitivity of new breaks gives it incredible stopping power, so you won’t have to worry about braking late.

Final Thoughts

This bike is killer for a small, lightweight two stroke. It may take a while to get used to if you are accustomed to the more popular four stroke style, but two strokes are beginning to regain popularity and this bike is in the forefront. Beating out the 250 SX-F in most consumer reviews and quality rankings, this bike performs just as well on the track and is just more fun to ride.

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